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Random Ramsdom: Nov. 16th, 2009


You won't find much complaining here today. This has to be the most optimistic the Rams fanbase has been for any loss this season. Almost stealing a win from the Saints? Here are you stories for today:


  • Jim Thomas says we don't have the gift of grab. I'm not too sure what he means when he says that, but I think the team was pretty lucky. Interceptions aside, getting that fumble/touchback was a big break for them. Another note he points out is that the Rams not only won in time of possession, but out-gained the Saints high powered offense.
  • Bernie Miklasz believes the Rams are finally earning some respect. It's about time. I don't think you'll hear anyone say the gameplan is to not party too much the night before anymore. It's actually funny that they said that, because we almost caught them with their pants down. Again.
  • Will over at Ramsherd believes the week was a real loss. He has a few observations per quarter, and commends Quincy Butler for playing well, even against Drew Brees and his targets.
  • Jeff at Ramsgab has a Monday Rams-for-sale update.  All things considered, I'd have to say it doesn't look that bad right now on that front. He points out that one of the reasons for selling the team is the estate tax, but they wouldn't actually have to start making huge payments out for a while.
  • Mike Sando has his silver linings feature. So close to being three weeks without a Rams silver lining...So close. Like everyone else, he saw a good amount of improvement. 

Enjoy your Monday's everyone.