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Questions for Kevin Demoff

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Tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. CST, St. Louis Rams VP of Football Operations and COO Kevin Demoff will take part in a live chat with fans on the Rams official web site. Some questions you might pose to the team's contract guy:

  • Are there plans to negotiate a new contract with O.J. Atogwe?
  • Is Alex Barron in the plans for next season? If so, will you use his RFA status to retain him?
  • If the league is without a cap next season, how will that directly impact the Rams?
  • Will you re-sign Leonard Little?
  • How active does the team plan to be on the free agent market?


Be sure to head over there for the chat. It should be pretty informative, and it also gives the Rams incentive to do more direct, new media outreach with their fan base.