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Saluting one of our own

Some of our regulars here may be aware that TST's very own 3k is in the Army. And if you didn't know, now you do. Well, 3k is at some point soon, if he hasn't already, shipping off to one of the two major theaters of operations in the Middle East (I'm not sure about regulations for saying which one, so I'll skirt that issue). Regardless of where he'll be for the next year or so, I ask you to join me in extending 3k a heartfelt thanks, best wishes and a get your ass home safe.

We're lucky as hell to have 3k involved and contributing here at TST. He knows his stuff and has a real passion for the Rams and football in general, even for a guy from Texas with roots in Louisiana. Our community wouldn't be where it is today without him. He has assured me that he'll still be around during his overseas tour, and should be back in time to see a much better Rams team in 2010.

Thanks again 3k, take care of yourself and Godspeed.

(Note from 3k:  Thanks for the love from everybody.  I should be around the States for a little while before heading out; I just moved my wife and daughter to their home for the next year or so until I get back.  I'm hoping I'll be able to continue to get to TST in my free time and continue to add to the best Web site (AP style...) for fans of the Rams and, by extension, the best network of sites for fans of the sporting world.  So to everyone, readers, commenters, posters, well-wishers, haters, kids, fogies, and everyone in between, GO RAMS!!!)