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More thoughts on Jason Campbell and the Rams

My post earlier this week asking whether or not Redskins QB and free agent-to-be Jason Campbell would be a good fit for the St. Louis Rams, who are bound to be looking for a QB next season, didn't elicit much positive reaction from the fan community. Understandably so. One of the questions I asked about Campbell going forward was how his high sack rate, 9.9% this season, would impact him going forward. Over at Football Outsiders, Bill Barnwell, picked up my question and found pretty encouraging results. Check it out:

The resulting list includes a few scrubs (David Carr, Tim Couch) and a LOT of good quarterbacks.

It's a list that Campbell's numbers, so far this year, belong in. He has a 66.2 completion percentage, higher than any of the quarterbacks on the list, while his 7.36 yards per attempt place him eighth out of 18. If you prefer to use p-f-r's Adjusted Net Yards per Attempt, he ranks ninth. (On the other hand, his adjusted yards per attempt, which doesn't include the effects of sacks, would be 15th.)

Here is the list. Impressive to say the least. Theisman, Phil Simms, Elway, Moon, etc. Does it mean that Campbell is ready for the Hall of Fame? Absolutely not. It does indicate that he has skills and could be a solid option for a team that could surround him with the tools to succeed and the right motivational/coaching environment. Here's Barnwell's final statement from the post:

Looking at comparable seasons suggests that Campbell's performance this year is a positive indicator of his ability to play a successful quarterback going forward, perception be damned.

The Rams have lots of needs on their roster, to restate the obvious. One advantage of pickup like Campbell would be that it allows the Rams to compete a little faster. Take away the need to draft a QB in the first round right away. Use that high pick for a WR or DL, and pick up the other position in the second round. With talent at WR and a competent QB finally on the roster with Steven Jackson and a budding offensive line, the Rams instantly have the best offense we've seen since 2006, at least. On the other side of the ball, they can get a cornerstone DL in the first round or a guy in the second round that should instantly offer an upgrade over the current talent along the line. Remember too, that Spagnuolo's style has been taking mid-round guys and molding them, so don't be surprised is the Rams don't get help somewhere in the second round or later or even among the second tier group of free agents, i.e. not the $100 million contract guys. Same approach for the OLB spots. Figure out someway to beef up the CB spot, and you should have a very young, competitive defense. Then taking a QB can come a couple years down the road, holding the clipboard for Campbell for a season. That approach might have the Rams competing a little sooner, especially in the NFC West.

I know Campbell's not a marquee option, but it's definitely an option to consider. Of course, there's always Marc Bulger...