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Avery likely to start Sunday, Burton questionable

The St. Louis Rams top two wide receivers should both be in uniform to face the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.  Burton didn't go through 100% of the practice reps, but the team seems confident in his ability to play this week.

Nate Jones will most likely be suiting up to fill in for Ruvell Martin. I don't see this dramatically changing the Rams underwhelming passing game, but at this point shaking things up might be all they have left.

The QB Situation

I see it both ways, but I still have to ask: does that fact that Bulger is in good enough shape to suit up as the backup QB mean he's in good enough shape to start. Probably not, since neither QB seems to give the Rams an advantage.

The Spread

Vikings are a 10 point favorite. It seems like every team that plays the Rams is a 10 point favorite.