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Lots of pressure on the Rams corners this week

If there are any hamstring experts reading this, please report to Rams Park. The St. Louis Rams desperately need your help.

One note of interest to point out, is Bradley Fletcher working as part of the starting cornerback rotation. The cornerbacks have a big game this week playing against Brett Favre and his two top receivers Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice. Harvin is a rookie first round pick from this year. I'll let 3k comment on this in more detail, but he seems to me like a Donnie Avery (both small profile body types) with more physical ability. Rice was kind of burried on the MIN depth chart the past two seasons, but has become a key cog in the system this year.

For the team's many faults, the Rams CB play has passed muster - except for Bartell's game against the Packers with a bruised quad. With Feltcher getting more time with the first team, I suspect they'll be looking to play these guys physical, especially with the pass rush not getting to the QB with much regularity. Of course, Adrian Peterson factors into this too. With Peterson, you can't expect the Vikings to be in those long passing downs very often. That means more coverage and more emphasis on the cornerbacks.