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Random Ramsdom: Oct. 8th, 2009


Let's jump over to the lighter side of things, shall we?

  • Andy Dapron reminds us of the good old days when teams were worse then us. Wasn't it always nice to wake up and think, "at least we aren't Detroit!"
  • Penalty wise, we are doing better. While Richie still leads our division, he has been quiet recently, and with Alex Barron benched, we shouldn't be ashamed to say he's tied for second anymore. 
  • While it isn't for sure yet, Steve Korte says that Kyle Boller will probably be starting. Kyle, will you try for your two touchdown performance instead of your -2 touchdown performance this week? Thanks!
  • Just in case you missed it, here is a quick link to last night's Turf Show Radio.
Enjoy your Thursday's everybody. Don't let Rush Limbaugh get you down.