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A reminder to the TST community

There's nothing I hate more than having to step in and remind people how to act like adults in the comments. It's stupid. My personal feeling is that if you can deliberately post a comment, then you should have the ability to police what you say. Apparently, that's not the case.

There's nothing like a winless season and a political ideologue to bring out the best in people. First and foremost, we limit the conversation here to the Rams and football in general. Yes, we can debate the merits of having Rush Limbaugh or anyone else as a potential owner, but not the politics. So, keep that in mind as we discuss this issue, because this won't be the last time it comes up.

This ain't a kindergarten class, and I don't expect you to follow Emily Post's rules of etiquette when you post a comment. All I ask is two things:

1) Be respectful. Debate is good; name calling is not.

2) Use appropriate language. Not every one appreciates a profanity laced tirade, myself included. The Rams have given/are giving us plenty of reason to swear and cuss, and I don't expect you to completely hold back. However, I won't tolerate the repeated or habitual use of language that might offend other users; that's not limited to four letter words and includes racist, sexist or other language generally considered offensive.

Community discussion is what make TST and sites like it work; it's why we're helping to put newspapers out of business, because we are the fans. Please just remember that lots of people participate in our site,  but they won't if the tone of the conversation sinks lower and lower. When that happens, the voice of the fan won't be heard anymore.