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Plague hits the Rams locker room

Here's the thing about H1N1: you're going to get it, but you'll never know when you have it. The difference is the mass hysteria associated with H1N1 versus the regular old flu...or something like that. And pretty much sums up a full day of seminar on the topic.

The St. Louis Rams don't have H1N1 running through the locker room, but players are dropping left and right with injuries. Imagine reading this story about Keenan Burton and Donnie Avery leaving practice yesterday with sore hamstrings. Imagine the Rams without those two? Then again, if a Rams receiver fell in the woods, would anybody notice it?

Kyle Boller will still be making 5 yards attempts to whatever receivers the Rams do have this week, in place of Marc Bulger. At this point, this injury situation is a push. 

SS Craig Dahl should be back as will CB Ron Bartell, which is good considering the Rams face Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson this week. This game could be really ugly. Dahl's backup, Anthony Smith, couldn't finish practice either. 

It sounds like Jason Smith is practicing again, but will not get the start this week. Hmm. Surely, that must mean he's not 100%, because the Rams will need their best effort in pass blocking this make those short passes. Alex Barron will start, but is this is last chance?