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Turf Show Radio, 10/7: The H1N1 episode


  Swine flu take you out of action?  Don't feel bad.  It got VanRam too!  Actually, he's just attending some kind of seminar, but that's the kind of sensational lead traditional news organizations love.

  Well to take your mind off of those H1N1 blues, you've always got Turf Show Radio, every Wednesday at 7pm CST.  Tonight's show, just like every other episode, is the perfect one to call in for.  Just call 347-945-5845 from 7:00-7:45 CST, and jump in.

  We'll revisit the Niners game, look ahead to Minnesota, yak up today's WR action at the pro and college levels leading to another college preview with a dose of Rush Limbaugh.  We may have a special guest join me to fill the airwaves with Rammy goodness, but I haven't gotten a confirmation from him, so we'll see.

  As always, feel free to throw out any topics you'd like to hear in tonight's program, and I'll get to them on air; however, if I say something stupid, you'll need to call in to prove to the world how dumb I am!  Turf Show Radio - the only show that's 100% Rams.

As always...