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Should the Rams be afraid of Rush Limbaugh as an owner?

There's not a whole lot of randomness to share this morning. That's kind of a shocker that nobody's writing about an 0-4 team. 

With Rush Limbaugh in the news as a potential owner of the Rams, should Rams fans be concerned? No, nothing to do with his political slant, but his past suggestions for crappy teams hits a little close to home. Check it out:

You can just close down the Detroit Lions, close down the Cincinnati Bengals, and you wouldn’t have to cut anybody other than the players.

Uh oh, could the Rams be among those nobody-would-miss teams?

Stat of the Day

1 for 4

That's the number of field goals made and attempts for the Rams. Yikes. When it rains it pours.