2010 Draft

Alright we officially suck!! Looking forward, though, I see some glimmers of hope. We have a 1st round tackle, Smith, 1st round DE Chris Long, and a 2nd round LB in James Laurinaitis, Adam Carriker, Leonard Little, and James Butler. Combine all those guys with Coach Spags, and I can see our D really coming around. It's not going to happen this year, but maybe next.

The offense, however, is flat out atrocious!! Granted we drafted Smith in the first, which should help, but other than Jackson what else do we have. I'm not sold on any of our WR's yet. Bulger is not the answer. He isn't and I don't care what "improvement" he's made.

So, I'm trying to decide what we need to do in 2010. Obviously we're going to be picking in the top 5, maybe top 3. What I'm trying to decide is whether we should pick a QB in the 1st round, a WR, or maybe some more O-Line help. If we go QB I would like to think we could get our hands on Sam Bradford. I'm skiddish about picking WR's in the first due to their high bust factor. If we go O-Line, there should be a quality QB available in later rounds. I'm leaning towards QB simply because I look at guys like Ryan, Sanchez, Flaco, etc that do well in their first years. Obviously they went into situations that would allow them to succeed, i.e- good ground game and good defense. If our D steps up, and S-Jax stays healthy, then a QB would be the right choice.

What do ya'll think?