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Barron gets a second chance

St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo met with left tackle Alex Barron today to discuss the lineman's costly outing this Sunday and his role with the team going forward.

Apparently, Barron will get a second chance.

In the comments of today's earlier post about whether or not to play Barron again, 3k summed up the decision harkening back to the Richie Incognito example:

You do play him if the Spagnuolo effect that worked on Incognito works on Barron.

Without a doubt, Spagnuolo had an effect on Incognito. He's been one of the better linemen since he got pulled in week 1 after a series of dumb penalties. And now Barron gets a chance to see if his talk with the head coach has an effect.

I have my doubts. Barron's had a lot of chances, more than Incognito, whose penalties come because sometimes his intensity gets in the way of his head. There's nothing intense about Alex Barron. I'm willing to wait and see how it works out, but I suspect lots of Rams fans won't be as patient...and it's hard to blame them.

The truth is, the Rams may not have much choice in the matter of giving him a second chance. If Jason Smith isn't ready to go, which he might not be, they don't have much depth at OT.