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Boller at the bat

Good morning St. Louis Rams fans. It's Kyle Boller day, so prepare yourselves. For what? Don't know. 

If you've noticed an absence of preview info this week, there's a perfectly good explanation for that. Despite the matchups, despite the best laid game plans, the Rams have consistently undermined themselves this season, whether it's bad penalties, dropped passes, turnovers, etc. Until this team, especially the offense, can play solidly without beating themselves, they will not win a game...unless the other team plays even worse. So you can talk about cornerbacks versus receivers, linebackers versus running backs and all that jazz, but until the Rams stop with the self-inflicted wounds, none of it matters. 

Random thoughts on today's game:


  • Marc Bulger is out; Kyle Boller is in. Are we really convinced that one guy's ability to scramble is the difference maker? I'm not. However, I do think change is good, and the coaches might finally be convinced to open up the playbook a little more. How, I don't know, but sometimes different is enough.
  • Donnie Avery can salvage his season today. One big catch and we'll all forgive the dropped passes, etc. To do that, he's going to need another competent threat to catch passes, and that should be...
  • Keenan Burton, who looks primed for a breakthrough. He hasn't seen much time, but he's made some nice catches with nice gains. And the playbook...
  • Open it up. It's safe to say that the 49ers will be firmly focused on Steven Jackson. I'm no coach, but I might try to make some throws behind that 8-10 man box.
  • Rush the passer. The 49ers have one of the highest sack totals allowed in the league. And without Frank Gore that puts more of the work on Shaun Hill. DO NOT get beat by Shaun Hill.
  • Even if Bartell plays, Jonathan Wade is the top CB today. 
We'll have a thread up for the early games, and, of course, one for the Rams. San Francisco is a 10 point favorite.