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The future is delayed

Some disappointing news from the St. Louis Rams practice yesterday. Let's start on the non-injury front.

With RG Richie Incognito out, Adam Goldberg worked with the first team at RG. Fine. Goldberg's a good lineman who has earned his playing time. I wish the Rams had more players like him. The disappointing news here was that Alex Barron was at LT and Jason Smith was at RT. The Rams continue to cling to an outdated mode of thinking, i.e. that they can win games with their current configuration.

The fact is that Jason Smith has talent, and has proven to be a quick learner. Remember how far he came after struggling early in the preseason? I'm not naive enough to think that he won't get schooled by guys like Dwight Freeny, but he's not going to be as bad as you think. Secondly, has Alex Barron done anything to give the Rams confidence in retaining him beyond this season, as anything more than a backup? After his half game benching he came out strong the next week, but quickly reverted to form against the Colts. Are those the kind of players you want at the foundation of your rebuilding team? Their stuck this week and have to use Barron in the starting lineup, but there's no reason not to start Smith's future on the left side...especially against Detroit.

Why is there even a question about whether or not Ruvell Martin "and/or" Brandon Gibson will dress this week? We know niether guy is the answer at receiver, but we need help at that position, with warm bodies qualifying as help at this point in time.

And on the injury front...CB Bradley Fletcher is out and Justin King is limited. If any Rams CB gets hurt this week, they've got a total of three corners to work with and offense that just can't keep the defense off the field. Worried?