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Rams should make Jason Smith their starting LT

The St. Louis Rams playcalling baffled fans through the first half of the season. Some of that might be explained by the Rams having to deal with a sheer lack of talent on offense, while still leaving plenty of things to point to and scratch your head about. The confusion resulting from the play calling had nothing on the absolutely mystifying decision to use a three-man rotation at offensive tackle this week, working rookie Jason Smith who was returning from an injury, into the lineup with Alex Barron and Adam Goldberg.

Fans and media took the team to task for that decision. Here's Post-Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz summing up the feelings shared by most of us:

What the hell is this three-man rotation at OT? What is this, a preseason game against the Titans?

Right or wrong, it won't happen this week because Adam Goldberg will be pressed into service at RG for the injured Richie Incognito. But it still begs the question, why are we not using Jason Smith as our starting left tackle? Especially, if the Rams are going to run to the right side so much more frequently than to the left, it'd be better to use Alex Barron whose a better run blocker at this point than Smith...or even Goldberg since Barron seems to be having problems with penalties again.

Thoughts? Suggestions?