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Random Ramsdom, 10/28




Tough sledding for Rams fans these days. I'll do my best to find some bright spots.

  • With a pretty good individual season so far (minus the scores) Steven Jackson keeps his composure. I have to hand it to this guy, he's trying very hard to be a team player. He must realize how good he could be behind a good run-blocking line, but isn't complaining or blaming anyone else. Jackson is a player we must build around before his time runs out. He has the potential to be an elite running back in this league and I hope Devaney and company make a commitment to do so. If they don't, in my opinion it will be a long time before the Rams get a running back similar to his caliber again.
  • The Rams have signed a new long snapper to replace Chris Massey, now on IR. Ryan Neill will take over the job that Massey has had since we drafted him out of Marshall in 2002. If there is such a thing as an underrated long snapper, I think Massey is it. It's hard to find stats to back up a claim on any long snapper, but to my knowledge he hasn't missed a game in eight years and as far back as I can remember, I can't remember him costing us points because of a bad snap. Point blank, if you don't do you job you cost your team points, possibly a win. Just ask Trey Junkin.
  • Gordo on how, despite the results, the Rams have maintained a professional attitude. This is something that keeps me believing in what Spags has going on at Rams park. The talent might not be there, but I'd at least rather have players that don't give up. At least we no longer have to put up with the Claude Terrell's and Damione Lewis's of the world.
  • Nick from the Bleacher Report has, shall we say, an interesting take on how he would remodel the Rams if he were to buy the team. I'll let the comments sort this one out.
  • With your Wednesday line update, at least one casino as the Lions at -4 for Sunday's matchup. Might be the least amount of points we've been underdogs by, if you're looking hard for some bright spots.

Keep the faith! GO RAMS