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Snowball Effect: Random Ramsdom, 10/27

Just when you thought 0-7 for the St. Louis Rams was enough bad news, comes a morning like this. What is it about struggling teams like the Rams and the snowball effect? What cosmic force looks down on this team and decides to heap additional punishment onto the Rams, on top of their general suckiness? 


Let's delve into the bad news.

Fletcher likely to miss part of 2010 too - Here's the worst news of all this morning. Fletcher was looking like a real find for the Rams. Once a head scratcher of a pick in this year's draft, he was the poster boy for the new regime's drafts, righting the wrongs of the past. Not only could Fletcher now miss part of 2010, what happens when does come back? Is he the same player? Does he catch Tye Hill syndrome and never fully regain his ability and confidence after an injury? Add CB to the list of team needs. If the Rams do get a new stadium, wherever it might be, let's hope they dump the turf.

Witherspoon flies with Eagles - From the rubbing it in department...Will Witherspoon took off with his new team this week, scoring a TD, forcing a fumble, and splitting the atom. Ever notice that former Rams get better when they leave? Why is that?

Null could see mop up duty - Next time the Rams are down by 30 points or so, there's a chance that rookie QB Keith Null could see some playing time. Why not? Start turning this operation over the youngsters. His future may not be more than a backup, but let's have a look.

Goldberg to fill-in for Incognito - Nothing against Goldberg, but why not Setterstrom or Greco? Setterstrom has started at G before, and did quite well. Greco will assume Goldberg's swing OL role. 

Vobora is back- He's no lock to play this week after sitting out the last four, but it's good to get him back on the team. The former Mr. Irrelevant has played well for the Rams this season.

Lions without Stafford this week? - The Lions could be without first overall pick Matt Stafford when they play the Rams this week.