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In a Nutshell...

As the 0-7 anger festers inside of me, I found a few quotes by the players (and some from analysts) that I wanted to talk about. Starting with the first, which we will call, "the quote of the last three years."

We just didn't fight as hard in the fourth quarter as we had in the previous three, which is a little disappointing

This gem comes from O.J. Atogwe. As a fan, I'd be a little disappointed if my team gave up too. This team has no fire. A little disappointed? Why any player would say this to a reporter is beyond me, but just hearing it and getting it confirmed just disgusts me. Take it easy guys, you're not going to win when you are horrible, no matter how much you try. No coach can turn this team into a winner when they don't even play the whole game.

Here is another passively laden quote by Randy McMichael:

Usually when we do something that sets us back, we end up coming off the field for a punt or something.

Thanks Randy, like we didn't already know. Or something? That is the best way you can describe it?

Jackson dropping a swing pass while Alex Barron was being flagged for holding.

The hapless Barron getting flagged for a false start penalty to help kill another drive.

That came from Jeff Gordon at I can understand having faith in your players Spags', but if you and Billy Devaney decide to resign him, then just resign. If you don't, please seriously consider trading away the first round pick we have. Jason Smith is being outplayed by Michael Oher (injury or no injury). I remember seeing his name going to the Rams early in the mock draft season. If you wanted to see character, look into his story. Tom Lemming, a ESPN analyst who helps choose the All-American Team said this about him:

Michael Oher’s athletic ability and his body — the only thing you could compare it to was Orlando Pace

Oh vey. Talk about an overreaction Tuesday.