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Rams lose CB Bradley Fletcher for the season

Just when you thought the news for an 0-7 St. Louis Rams team couldn't get any worse... CB Bradley Fletcher and LS Chris Massey are out for the season.

The kicking game could get interesting without Massey, who is one of the best in the business. The Rams haven't been able to generate enough offense to score touchdowns, so the kicking game is their primary source for points. We'll see how transferable this skill is.

Losing Fletcher to a hyper-extended knee hurts. A third-round pick this year he had edged his way into the starting lineup over the last three games. He plays a physical style of defense, and you could even make the case that he's our top CB right now. Er, he was.

Richie Incognito is out for a game in all likelihood as well with a foot injury. More thoughts on the offensive line to come, but this could be a good chance to test some theories I have as to why our offensive line is not as strong as it should be.