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Overreaction Monday: Week 7 vs. Indianapolis

Overreaction abounds this Monday morning. Just check out the post-game overreaction from the usually rational Bryan Burwell. His is the classic overreactor's demise - going from the optimistic overreaction to the pessimistic. So let me join in on the fun.

- Our secondary needs to work on ball recognition and pass deflection timing. Often, yesterday, we had defenders who had positioned themselves for near-perfect coverage only to be undone by a perfectly lobbed pass by Peyton Manning. Still, you have to think that better timing on the switch from player defense to ball defense would have negated some of the passing plays the Colts enjoyed yesterday.

- Truncated overreaction #1: Steven Jackson is the greatest running back to ever play on a team as bad as the 2009 Rams.

- Is there a bigger crapball than the WR orphanage we have set up? (For context, a crapball is like a snowball except that it is made of crap, and as the crap rolls along, it just picks up more and more crap thus increasing its inherent size and crappiness). Let's review some the craplights. After the successful flea flicker to Donnie Avery on our first drive, we had a 1st and 10 at the Indy 14. A 2 yard run set us up with a 2nd and 8 at the 12, a healthy position to be in, but the Rams squandered it by targeting Tim Carter in back to back plays. Those two plays were the only two times he was targeted in the game, begging the question, why in the hell are you looking for Tim Carter in the red zone? Where was Daniel Fells, a receiver who has shown he can produce in the end zone? Why not use Steven Jackson? As our best player, shouldn't we be relying on him more in the red zone than anywhere else on the field? Mindboggling. And Keenan Burton is killing me. He has the hands and the footwork to be a solid complementary receiver to Donnie Avery, but his timing is still slow. How much time does he need to develop into a productive 3rd WR? Granted, he's been pressed into duty as our #2, but he's got to show a more consistent dedication to the details that separate a 8 yard hitch or out from an interception. And I know we have enough issues to deal with from a personnel standpoint this offseason, but sometime soon, the Rams either need to promote Fells as the starter to see how viable he is or bring in a real TE. Randy McMichael is useless. On the bright side, Danny Amendola is proving to be a very solid addition to the team. He finished with a team high 5 receptions for nearly 40 yards. That is as much a point of approval for Amendola as it is a point of disapproval for Donnie Avery and Keenan Burton.

- Truncated overreaction #2: Samkon Gado is still getting carries why?

- Marc Bulger's situation is going to be very interesting, because he has played himself out of a future with the St. Louis Rams. At what point that moment comes is yet to be seen. Obviously, there's enough frustration among the fan base that were he to be cut this offseason, you wouldn't need many tissues to help the sobbing. I wonder, though, if he would be of use next year to groom whoever we bring in to helm this team as we move ahead. And yes, we need to bring in our next QB this offseason. The question is, do we need Marc Bulger as a mentor next year, because if so, you have to assume he still gets the starting nod. This is obviously a relatively touchy subject, so I'll leave at this for now because I know we'll get to it more thoroughly in the months ahead.

- Truncated overreaction #3: The Colts have no shot at getting to the Super Bowl because their running game is a joke.

- Lastly, I was unimpressed with Flajole's game plan. We threw a lot of nickel and dime looks (as in formations, not as in Virgil Solozzo) that were exploited by Manning & Co. despite relatively tight coverage. The real issue was how easy it was for Manning to get on schedule with Reggie Wayne early thanks to a lack of pressure. Our D-line was inept yesterday when it came to getting pressure as a four man front. Once Manning proved his ability to produce in spite of our coverage, I was hoping we'd throw some extra bodies at the Colts' O-line. Ah, the audacity of hope.

- Truncated overreaction #4: Overreacting is usually more accurate than reacting.