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Rams 6, Colts 42: Perfection and luck still MIA for the flacid Rams

What else is there left to say? The outmatched St. Louis Rams lost big to the Indianapolis Colts. Nobody legitimately expected otherwise.

Marc Bulger, earlier in the week told reporters that the Rams would need to play "perfect." And there was a drive to start the game teasing us with the possibility that things wouldn't be the same. The requirement of perfect quickly faded to acceptable before haphazard and clubfooted became the rules of order for the Rams. The 42-6 score doesn't even tell the full story. There was a time there when it seemed the Colts could score at will, they just started running the ball in order to not run up the score. They couldn't turn down the free points though.

Thoughts on this game and the Rams 7 weeks in:


  • Let there be no question about how much this team lacks talent. The offense is so barren it's like an alkali flat in the middle of a big desert, making the everyone else around them look rich with talent. 
  • Proof of this lack of talent? The only person on offense who doesn't look they were picked up off the street is Steven Jackson. Bulger just looks over-the-hill. He'll be a backup somewhere next season.
  • Wait. Don't tell me. Coach Spagnuolo said "drop a pass, win a prize" in the locker room?
  • Has there ever been a bunch of receivers so out of touch with their QB? They're both at fault. 
  • Is this game scientific proof that 1) you get no breaks when you're this bad and 2) when are this bad you'll really play even harder to be that bad? I think that one's called pressing.
  • The defense was just overmatched. With a good offseason, addressing the DL mainly, this could be a good defense. 
Perfection is vastly overrated. Sometimes just playing without making mistakes would be a break...for all of us.