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Rams vs Indianapolis, week 7: Game Thread

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St. Louis Rams vs. Indianpolis Colts
Week 7, October 25, 2009
Edward Jones Dome, St, Louis, MO

It's a CBS game today. I tend to like the CBS broadcasts a little better than the Fox broadcasts. Fox is noisier and has those transitions that are made for 13-year-olds. All of the broadcasts have bad forced banter with the studio crew (thanks ESPN); Fox really hits bottom with it though. I really am an old man.

I guess you don't need me to remind you that this is a tough game for the Rams. Peyton Manning is having an MVP season, but every giant falls at some point. Sometimes, though, those turn out to be the most interesting. Let's just hope we can get our sling shot aimed before we accidentally break the rubber band.