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Avery playing; Hall not so much: Random Ramsdom, 10/24

There's some good and not so good injury news to report with the St. Louis Rams set to take on the Indianapolis Colts in just over 24 hours. Let's jump right in.


Avery ready to play

Donnie Avery practiced and is ready to go this week. The Rams will obviously need him. Ron Bartell practiced and should play too. WR Ruvell Martin and DE James Hall are questionable and most likely out this week. I think it was Sando, but someone said that the Rams pass rush might not be much of a factor this week anyway, with or without Hall, as Manning is so good at getting the ball out in a hurry. Are you prepared for things to depend on our coverage?

James Butler and the system

The Rams are glad to have James Butler back this week, especially since they'll be playing in coverage most of the time. Will Butler help get the DBs in place? Does this reduce the number of big plays?

Focusing on pass protection

OTs Adam Goldberg, Alex Barron and Jason Smith will rotate  this week, with Goldberg starting. Sando says the Rams are making a good move not exposing Smith in his first week back all along against a tough Colts defense. A fair point, but I'm not so sure Smith would give us a better line in place of Goldberg...or even Barron. It's interesting to note that Smith is expected to work more on the left side today. I wonder if they'll move Barron back to RT before the season ends?

Peter King's team most likely to move: Rams, Raiders, Chargers and Jags

The New York Times says the 49ers could be very likely to move too. The Bills? Not so much.