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"Perfect" and then some

The best way to spin it is state the fact: the St. Louis Rams have a really tough matchup this week against the Colts. You want a silver lining for the week? I honestly don't know what it is.

It seems like week-in and week-out, the Colts and the Saints battle on the stat sheet to see who has the best offense. The weakest link is their run game, with a -0.5% DVOA.

You're used to Peyton Manning's team being solid on offense, and the defense is holding up their end of the bargain this season too. Overall, they have a -7.0% DVOA on defense (8th ranked), with a -11.2% against the pass (8th) and a -0.9% against the run (23rd). The key for the Rams this week will be using Steven Jackson and trying to beat their pass defense against a loaded box. Yeah, yeah, yeah, broken records and all that.

The Colts should also have SS Bob Sanders back this week. They will, however, be without starting CB Marlin Jackson

Indy runs a cover 2 defense, which might bolster the Rams short passing game, especially if they can get Jackson established on the ground and force the linebackers up. Keep your eyes on Randy McMichael and Daniel Fells since they'll be important in that aspect of the receiving game. It's worth noting that the Colts have allowed just 2 passing TDs this season, the fewest of any team in the league. Opponents have just 7 passing plays of 20+ yards (and none for more than 40) against Indy.

What about those stats compared to their schedule? The Colts haven't played the top tier of the league; the Cardinals are the only opponent on their schedule thus far with a record better than .500. However, of all their opponents only the Titans are worse than the Rams on offense.

So when Marc Bulger says it's going to take a "perfect game" to win this week, he's only part right. It's probably going to take some help from the Colts themselves.