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Donnie Avery misses Wednesday practice

Some news on the St. Louis Rams injury front worthy of note...i.e. noteworthy.

WR Donnie Avery was on the sidelines for practice today. His hip was "too tight" during warmups. He expects to be on the practice field tomorrow. Stay tuned. If he practices tomorrow, there's a good chance he'll play this week. That's the good news.

Now the bad news. The Rams top defensive lineman, James Hall, is still sitting with a groin injury he suffered last week against the Jags, and is likely to miss the Colts game this week. As you might guess, that hurts the Rams hope of getting pressure on Peyton Manning, meaning they'll be working in coverage a lot. Coverage...against Manning. Yikes.

Speaking of coverage, the Rams do have some good news on that front. CB Ron Bartell is cleared after suffering a minor concussion. Joining him on the practice field today was SS James Butler, which comes at the right time on the heels of Will Witherspoon being traded.

Also, the small part of life that is not Rams related has interfered and Turf Show Radio is cancelled for tonight. We'll be back on the air next week.