A big fat contract-revisited

I'm fully shocked that so many of you continue to be on the Bulger fan wagon. I understand remaining committed to a player that has shown success, like the Rams didn't do with Kurt Warner, however Bulger has never been a real winner. He was able to ride the greatest show on turf for a few year or so, however he has done nothing since. His ability to lead and his desire to not lose, isn't there. Let him go while we can actually recoup some of his salary. Spag is retooling the defense, now it's time to retool the offense as well. Jackson will never be as effective as Brian Westbrook (like the offense is designed) if nobody in the league respects the quarterback leading that team. A big fat contract is what was signed and squat is what we've gotten in return. Kind of like Bernie Maloff, we keep investing in him and he keeps taking from us. For those of you that think I'm a rookie here, your nut's. I've been following the Rams for 40 years and was a season tik. holder in LA for many years. Getting something for Bulger now is a lot better than getting nothing later.

RamFan, Joel