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Saying Goodbye to 'Spoon and Saying Hello to the Revolving WR Door

What a shocker today that was. If you weren't shocked by this today, by all intents and purposes, share some lotto numbers with me, please. The Rams traded their arguably their best linebacker (with the most experience) for an unproven rookie and a second day pick.

As Van said, Brandon Gibson supposedly has talent; everything they say about him says he's good, but not great. I can't remember exactly who did what, but I went to the Washington State vs. Washington game last year (known around here as the Apple Cup) and I can tell you both teams were absolutely horrible. It's one thing when a bad team plays a good opponent (as everyone here knows quite well) but the Huskies team they faced was equally atrocious. They would have made the Rams practice squad look like All-American Hall of Fame Football Monsters, even if the Rams gave them a 50 point handicap. It was that bad. I'm not saying that team reflects Gibson's talent (it appears he did well the year before, but then again he is coming to a bad team), but I'll hold judgment until I can see what he can do at the NFL level.

David "HGH" Vobora will be returning this week, but STLToday reports that Larry Grant and Paris Lenon will get the starting nods at the outside linebacker positions (Lenon will take over Witherspoon's spot).

Is Witherspoon happy about the trade?

"It means a lot to go to a team that has the opportunity to be a contender"

Translated to English, that means:

I went from the worst team in the league to one that has a chance to go places. Excited? Of course.

For a team that is rebuilding though, it makes sense. He didn't fit what the new coaching staff wanted, he was getting old and he was getting paid pretty well. All three things don't translate to a long career with the Rams.

The way things are going for this team, I wouldn't expect anyone over the age of 30 to make it to next season. It also is strange how the Rams start with four receivers, then by week six end of up seven, three of them from other teams (trade or waiver) and one who they signed after cutting him during the offseason. I suppose if you sign enough of them, somebody is going to stick eventually.