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Week 6 player prediction thread

Let's take the prediction threads in a new direction, single game. Consider this your official St. Louis Rams vs Jacksonville Jaguars prediction thread. 

I started writing this mostly wonder whether or not Steven Jackson will score his first TD of the season this week, since it is a good opportunity. Let's make predictions for the following three players, the ones with plenty of expectations on them for the season and who could have a nice game this weekend.

Steven Jackson - Jacksonville is tough against the run, but Jackson's got yards against tougher defenses. Don't forget he can catch passes too. Predict SJ's carriers, yards, TDs, receptions, yards, TDs

Donnie Avery - After a nice outing last week, the Jags' secondary looks like a great matchup for Avery. Will he do another TD dance? predict receptions, yards and TDs

Marc Bulger - Desperately wanting to establish himself this season. The Jags D is a little better than the Vikings' scrub team though. Predict completions/attempts, yards, TDs