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Vote for some Rams in the HOF fan vote

If you have an extra moment while your waiting to watch the St. Louis Rams players of the future on college football Saturday, take a moment to make your voice heard in the Pro Football Hall of Fame fan vote. Sponsored by Van Heusen and JC Penny, it's the first time ever that the HOF has allowed the voice of the fan to be heard.

Like a Florida election, however, the fan vote will not put that player in the HOF, but he will get a nice mention on the NFL Network. It's still pretty cool. There a poll over in the right hand sidebar on TST with the top vote getters so far. Jerry Rice isn't exactly a stretch for the HOF...or Emmitt Smith. You get to more of a gray area with Sharpe. 

The full list is pretty long, and there are a couple of important Rams on there, that you should go vote for. Chuck Knox coached the Rams from '73 to '77, when they had that great defense with Merlin Olsen, Fred Dryer and Jack Youngblood. Deacon Jones was gone by the time Knox took over. They never lost more than 4 games.

The other long-time Rams great on the list is WR Henry Ellard. With the Rams from '83 to '93 he had all the receiving records before Holt and Bruce put their names atop that list. Go vote.