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Rams fantasy feedback

Let's shift the discussion from political fantasies to fantasy football. Sitting at 0-5 with an offense that's averaging just 6.8 points per game. The Rams have entered that blackhole of fantasy sports, where almost nobody on the team merits a starting spot on your roster. Could that chance this week against the Jaguars? Let's take a look.

The Jags defense is allowing an average of 380 yards per game, only two teams have a worse YPG stat. They're giving up an average of 25.4 points per game; the Rams are giving up 29.2, FWIW. Against the run, the Jags allow an average of 107.6 YPG and 273 YPG in the air. In terms of DVOA, Jacksonville's defense has a 35.8% DVOA (28th) against the pass and a -17.2% (10th) against the run. On to the players.

RB Steven Jackson - Jacksonville's rushing defense has been pretty good, but Jackson has the added advantage for fantasy GMs in that he can catch passes. SJ has picked up solid yardage against better defenses though. Is this week he scores his first TD of the season?

WR Donnie Avery - Avery had a nice game last week, finally getting the ball deep and taking advantage of his speed. Against a lesser Jacksonville pass defense, could Avery have a break out game?

QB Marc Bulger - No Rams QB has been on anyone's fantasy radar, nor should  they be. But this is a pretty favorable matchup for Bulger.

TE Daniel Fells & Randy McMichael - Rams tight ends combined for 8 catches last week, and every since the Green Bay game Pat Shurmur has been using, successfully, plenty of two TE sets. It's very possible one of these guys will have a good game...providing of course they can hang onto the ball.

Rams DST - Can the Rams start getting some action on turnovers this week? Can Danny Amendola run one in? Can Josh Brown double his season's output in one game?