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Rams getting better on third downs

If you've kept up with the St. Louis Rams offensive struggles, one of the things constantly being pointed out is the team's poor rate of converting third downs.

Last week, the Rams converted 5 of 12 third downs, a 41% clip. That topped their season average heading into week 5, which was 31%.

What was really impressive last week was that they converted four third-and-long situations with passing plays of 10 yards or more, including a 23-yard deep strike to Donnie Avery and a dump off pass that Steven Jackson turned into a 25-yarder.

That wasn't the Rams best game for third down conversions. That came against Washington when they converted 6 of 12 third downs.

The Rams overall offensive DVOA on third down is still a mortifying -50.8%, 30th worst in the league. That is, however, and improvement from where things stood before the Minnesota game when the Rams offense had a -61.1% DVOA on third downs.

Second down continues to be the most productive for the Rams. On the season they have a -0.3% DVOA for all second downs, right at break even, league average. Running plays a on second downs have a solid 9.1% DVOA (12th best in the league), while passing plays on second down have a -2.6% DVOA (ranked 20th), not great but close to average.

I've got a post coming about the Rams on first down, following up on this one from last week.