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Random Ramsdom: Oct 15th, 2009


Another Thursday, another week almost over. You know what that means...another Rams game! excited to watch yet? Well, of course you are! And to help you get your Rams fix over the next two no-NFL days are these stories:

  • Mike Sando has an injury update. It appears Jason Smith (less likely) and Marc Bulger (more likely) will play this Sunday. Cross your fingers.
  • If anyone needs reminding about a certain "big game" player with this week's game against Jacksonville coming up, look at this Jim Thomas article. If you don't know who I'm talking about, here is a hint: they call him "uncle" now.
  • With the recent spur of free agent talk yesterday, here is some news on that front: Barry Wilner from AP reports that owners decided not to have a window before free agency where players can talk with potential teams. Phew, glad that isn't going to happen!
  • Should the Rams trade for Brady Quinn? That is the exact question Jeff over at Ramsgab asked.

And with that, I hope you have a great Thursday.