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Random Ramsdom 10/14

Can you believe we're halfway through October already? It seems like the season just started. Here's a few links to get you through your hump day.


  • The redemption of Alex Barron. Look, this guy needed to have a game like he did so let's not praise him too much for doing his job. However, towards the end of Sunday's game the one thing that hit me is that (if I'm not mistaken) there weren't any penalties attributed to the offensive line. That's something we need consistently from that group.
  • Some more practice squad shuffling. Familiar training camp face K.C. Asiodu makes his return to the Rams.
  • In case you missed it, Marc Bulger is the starting quarterback heading into Sunday.
  • Tim Carter re-joins the team.
  • Donnie Avery apologizes for that idiot dance performance he put on when his team was down big, late in the fourth quarter. Earth to Donnie: It's now week six. You're the number one wide out of an 0-5 team, and you have one touchdown catch in garbage time. Get ya mind right. That was almost as embarrassing as the offense's performance in the red zone.
  • Mark from Rams Gab on the last 25 years of Rams football
  • Will from Rams Herd laments (very entertainingly) the ways the Rams have shot themselves in the foot this season.
  • The Rams open today at -13 underdogs at home to the Jaguars on Sunday. What does that say about us if the Jags just got beat by 40+ by the Seahawks?

A good Wednesday to you. GO RAMS.