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State of Affairs

Consider this a multi-faceted post. There are a couple of things I'd like to address...first and foremost is a certain update on everyone's favorite bidder for the Rams, Rush Limbaugh. Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports (link to the full story) is reporting that enough owners have contacted them in private (or public, as is the case of the Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay) who oppose the deal to insure that it will not pass. The Rams are free to choose whoever they want for the time being, but as the commish' says:

"And then at some point, the NFL will be engaged and we’ll [look into] whatever ownership group is put forth through our process."

Wetzel uses the NHL as an example:

Legally, there is little room for debate. The NHL, for instance, has twice rejected ownership bids of billionaire Jim Balsillie because they don’t like his plan on moving teams to Canada and, quite frankly, they just don’t like him personally.

The NHL even purchased the Phoenix Coyotes itself, for about $100 million less than Balsillie offered, just to keep him out. Balsillie sued but a federal court in Arizona ruled in the league’s favor.

So, if you do decide to trust Yahoo!'s sources, you can effectively cross Rush Limbaugh (and Checketts, for that matter) off the list of possible owners of the Rams.



The other thing I'm curious about is a small quote by Tim Carter, who as you all know was on the team during the offseason and the preseason:

"Hopefully my retention of the offense is pretty good. They've got some new stuff in there. … I'm looking at that and picking it up."

New stuff? What is this new stuff he speaks of? He was with the team up until Sept. 5th, which is right before the start of the season. Obviously, you're going to be tweaking your playbook as a first year OC, but could this new "stuff" be the opening up of the playbook that we saw last week? It seemed like the first four weeks was pretty much the same, so it could be a possibility. If so, why did it take four weeks to figure out you need to score points to win? Perhaps it will always be a mystery.

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone.