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Limbaugh makes ownership a "me vs. them" issue

I'm almost loathe to wade into discussion of Rush Limbaugh and his role in bidding on the St. Louis Rams, but it's hard to avoid. Run a Google search for the Rams and you'd be hard pressed to find anything but Rush-related news. Of course, the Rams aren't giving people much to talk about with their performance, so how's that go...all press is good press? Whatever.

Here's Rush on NBC's Today show, today (via the PD).

They’re gonna go nuts. This is the kind of stuff they’ve been trying to make sure doesn’t happen with me. All this stuff is the mainstreaming of Rush Limbaugh from off this far-right fringe they’ve tried to put me [in]. I just keep tiptoeing into the mainstream. And it just irritates them.

What bothers me most about his statement is the "me vs. the world" aspect. First of all, you have to suspend belief a little when people with enough money to purchase part of a NFL team claim the world is against them. And therein lies the problem: be gracious about it, leave the oppressed meme for your radio show, where it's making money. The reason people are opposed to Rush being an NFL owner is because of his divisive remarks. The best way to take the oxygen out of that debate would be to leave the schtick for the radio, and assure people that your politics will not factor in to your role as (partial) owner.

His inability to seperate his regular gig from the world of NFL ownership is what bothers me the most and makes me think that his entrance into the league's ownership circles might not be a good thing after all.