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Tuesday musings: Artis Hicks and his blurry vision

  I mulled over making this longer and including some ranting on the idea of the challenge flag, but it's Tuesday.  Really, that's one of the best excuses one can give.

  "Mr. O.J. Simpson, is it not true that you killed your wife?"

  "Yeah, but it was Tuesday."

  "Your honor, the prosecution would like to drop all charges!  Set this man free!"

  Some photo evidence of the Gary Gibson injury and some red flag yak after the fold.


  So I've been looking around this morning to see what the punishment will be for Artis Hicks' late shove on Gary Gibson, and I can't find anything.  I'm slowly starting to think he'll go without punishment, something that would be beyond unfair.  I'll get to the sense of justice that should be involved, but let's recap the situation.

  Minnesota leads 17-3 early in the 3rd after a wonderfully executed 3 and out by the Rams.  Textbook.  After two quick first downs and a 1st down run by Chester Taylor, Minnesota's got a 2nd & 7 from their own 36.  The call is for a double juke pass.  Favre pumps to his left, fakes the handoff to Peterson, and then unleashes a classic Favreian bullet downfield to Sidney Rice who cuts under rookie Bradley Fletcher for a 47 yard gain.  Good job of isolating the rookie CB and taking advantage.  Once Rice is ushered out of bounds, the camera cuts to Gibson on the ground, taking his helmet off.  What happened?  Let's look at the evidence.  Bailiff, photograph A, if you please:


  Here you see the line area just after Favre threw the ball.  Nearly everyone is now headed that direction or at least looking that way.  Gibson is circled in yellow; he got a good push on RG Anthony Herrera.  Artis Hicks, the backup tackle who filled in on the right side for the injured rookie Phil Loadholt, is circled in purple.  Photograph B...


  With everyone turned to see if Sidney Rice can make the grab, save for James Hall who is being dry humped by LT Bryant McKinnie, Hicks shoves Gibson in his right shoulder well after an acceptable point.  Resulting in -


  Gibson lands awkwardly on his left leg as his ankle twists backwards and his knee contorts underneath his 300 pound frame.

  Was it cheap?  Yes.  In fact, it's the exact kind of thing we might expect Richie Incognito to do, no?  And that's really my jump off.  If this was Incognito, don't you think this would have gotten a flag during the game?  How did the back judge miss that?  And why is it taking the NFL so long to dole out fair punishment?  We lost a starting DT for the season to a blatant cheap shot.  If Cogs had done this to Kevin Williams, they would have had a statement and a suspension ready as soon as the clock ran out.

  I know; we're the Rams, and the NFL could give a shit less about us.  Still, to see something like this come to pass without any discipline from the league would be beyond disappointing, especially when Hicks shrugs it off with an unbelievable excuse:

Hicks defended the hit when a reporter asked him about it Monday. He said that he believed Gibson was still engaged with left guard Anthony Herrera at the time.

  Uh, no.

  So what think you, Rams fans?  Is this just an extension of hard-nosed offensive line play or was Artis Hicks playing dirty?  Keep in mind, the game was Sunday.  If it was today, he could have just said, "Yeah, it was late, but cmon, it's Tuesday"...