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Bulger to start in week 6

The QB question has been answered. The St. Louis Rams will start QB Marc Bulger against Jacksonville in week 6. Kyle Boller has a concussion, a mild one, but Bulger will get the nod anyway, as long as he can practice injury-free this week.

OT Jason Smith is closer to a return, and some of the other lingering injuries players are dealing with seem to be moving in the right direction. SS James Butler is day to day. I'd really like to see this guy get back on the field, though Craig Dahl has done well filling in for Butler. CB Justin King might miss time with a bruise on his knee, or he might not.

Take a look at some of the positive things Spagnuolo commented on. One of them, offensive line play, was kind of an underrated plus this week. Alex Barron rebounded after his benching last week. I still don't see the Rams running through Jacob Bell much on the stat sheet, and that bothers me.

WR Tim Carter is back.