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Random Ramsdom: Oct. 12, 2009


Sad that the Rams are 0-5? Distraught that the team has the longest active losing streak? There's better way to soothe your pain then with, the one, the only, the Random Ramsdom. Here are some stories for today:

  • Bryan Burwell thinks that the cloud is too big for any silver linings.
  • Charles Robinson loathes Kyle Boller. Two games, two costly fumbles. Sorry Kyle, time to step aside and let the big boys play now.
  • Sando has his wrap-up of the game here. Another stat he points out: since the game ended, the Rams have had no turnover's in the red zone.
  • Don Banks from has a piece about young recievers coming through. Couldn't we have drafted one of them? Just one?

I wouldn't be surprised if the Rams made a move trying to get a defensive lineman now that Gary Gibson is out for the season, espicially since they have been so active already. Time will tell.

Enjoy your Monday everyone.