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Rams hurting your fantasy life too?

In fantasy sports - well, at least baseball and football, since that's where my fantasy experience is - it seems like there's always that one team where you don't want any of the players they have. Have the St. Louis Rams become that team? Running back Steven Jackson is still an elite player, but in terms of fantasy points, the Rams are holding him back...well, not just in terms of fantasy points either, I guess. Here's what I wrote for SBN Fantasy Friday:

It’s a tough week to recommend anybody from the St. Louis Rams for your fantasy lineup. The Rams play the Minnesota Vikings this week, and it’s one of the best overall defenses they’ll see this year. RB Steven Jackson is a good bet for 20+ carries, but with Jason Smith not starting on the offensive line I question whether or not Jackson can rack up 100 yards. A touchdown almost seems out of the question based on the stagnant play of the rest of the Rams offense.

With a capable guy like Jackson, you can usually throw the Rams kicker, Josh Brown, into the mix for a decent fantasy option. Not this year. So far, the Rams have hit just 1 of 4 field goals. They do play at the Dome this week, which is a bit more favorable than the windy fields up and down the West Coast, but the offense will likely need to collect more than three points at a time.

The Rams have quickly become one of those teams you generally avoid in fantasy play, especially this week. On the flip side of that, it’s probably a great week to play any Vikings you might have on your roster.

Is this accurate? Do you avoid the Rams in fantasy? How many people out there start other RBs over Steven Jackson?

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