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Rams should pass on Martz

So there's something to those Mike Martz back to the Rams as the offensive coordinator rumors after all.This "Team of Rivals" thing is starting to get out of control.

Just remember, it sounds great until it doesn't work.

Martz has mind for the offensive side of the game, and he'll be a fine coordinator somewhere, for a team with the right circumstances. But remember all those funky personnel moves he had a hand in? And, sure, he may have had a good repore with QB Marc Bulger, but in Mad Mike's offense Bulger (and Warner before him) were sacked constantly. The Rams allowed 40 or more sacks every year under Martz as head coach, consistently among the highest total for sacks allowed in the league. Watching Bulger play lately should have made the results of that fairly obvious.

Trust me. You we don't want Martz back as offensive coordinator. Putting an old mask on isn't the same thing as putting a new face on a franchise - something the Rams MUST accomplish this offseason.Yet another reason to pass on Haslett.