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Wacky speculation watch: Frerotte, Bulger, the Vikings and Rams

Take this for what it's worth, and it's not worth much, just speculation from a newspaper columnist. Emphasis on the word speculation. How would you feel about the return of Gus Frerotte?

Check this out, from a St. Paul (MN) Pioneer Press Charley Waters column exploring the Vikings QB options for next season:

A fourth option could be the Rams' Marc Bulger, 31, a veteran who might want out of St. Louis but would cost a lot more money.

If Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier gets the Rams' job, which is a distinct possibility, he could try to bring Vikings quarterback Gus Frerotte, who lives in St. Louis, with him, maybe as part of a trade for Bulger.

Ain't happening. Maybe as backup, but even that's a stretch. First and foremost, Bulger's not going anywhere, and whatever backup they do bring in, is going to be someone who can compete, push Bulger, a guy, Leftwich for example, who can step in and not miss a beat should Bulger play like he did this year. The Rams might well draft a QB too, but not one at level who'd be ready to replace Bulger in the '09 season.

Bringing back Frerotte would be one helluva of a way for a new coach to start his tenure with the Rams...and a sure sign that it'd be a short run for the man.

This is the kind of rampant speculation that gets blogs in trouble, and you'll notice we here at TST stay far, far away from presenting dubious information as fact. Ugh, even the though of Frerotte back (or Green)...excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.