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You're Jim Haslett



So the Rams formally interviewed interim head coach Jim Haslett for the opportunity to keep his job. Sort of a follow up interview to two seasons and four games as the defensive coordinator and twelve games as head coach, as if those weren't interview enough. We'll know soon how that went. In the meantime, let me ask how you would answer the questions if you we're Jim Haslett? 


Here are a few sample questions, which, in my mind, are the only ones that need to be asked. Get your new, ill-fitting standard corporate issue blue suit on and get ready to be interviewed, dear Rams fans.

  • "Why did the Rams lose their last ten games?"
  • Follow up: "After that, how do you feel you can be successful as the team's head coach?"
  • "Many of the games featured a lopsided score by half-time and down the stretch the Rams were blowing leads. Explain."
  • "Richie Incognito."
  • "What players do you see as problems or simply as unable to play at this level?"
Ok, Rams fans, have at it.