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Packers move to fire Sanders could take Moss out of the running, and opens a new opportunity for Haslett

Some significant news out of Green Bay that could potentiall impact the Rams head coach search. The Packers fired defensive coordinator Bob Sanders, and linebackers coach Winston Moss is considered a leading candidate to replace him at the Green Bay defensive coordinator.

The Rams interviewed Moss on Saturday and have yet to schedule a second interview, which doesn't necessarily mean they won't. Is it news, well it's like Naipaul said "it is what it is." Check out his comments on the move up to defensive coordinator:

Even if the Rams had a lot of interest, Moss may very well feel being a coordinator would be his best move at this time. He has often talked of his plan of being a head coach. That would undoubtedly call for him to call his own defense, something he has not done in 10 years as an NFL assistant.

"I feel as though that if an opportunity was to present itself to become a defensive coordinator, yes, I would like that opportunity when the time is right," Moss said recently.

Don't forget Moss worked for Haslett in New Orleans in the same role as LBs coach. Makes you wonder if this interview isn't as much about finding a new defensive coordinator should Haslett return as head coach.

And in a real case of the incestuous nature of NFL coaching, Haslett is a potential replacement for Sanders as the Packers defensive coordinator. Haslett hired current Packers coach Mike McCarthy as the offensive coordinator with Saints you'll recall.