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How 'bout that Rex Ryan?

With one interview down and umpteen more to go, the Rams search for a head coach continues to take shape. Rams GM Billy Devaney interviewed Winston Moss this weekend, and he's now setting up appointments with the other official candidates, Rex Ryan, Leslie Frazier, Todd Bowles and Ray Sherman, according to a summary of the process appearing in the PD today. So pretty much, things are right where they were.

The PD article notes the Rams interest in other candidates, including Jim Schwartz, Spagnuolo, Jim Fassel and others, but according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, the Devaney has an interview with Jim Fassel set up for Thursday.

It's hard not to be sold already on Rex Ryan after watching the Baltimore defense hold Miami to just 9 points yesterday. And that portly figure would go well in the Midwest. 

Here's my roster thought for the's early so stay with me. The Rams need to add a second running back behind Steven Jackson to help keep wear and tear off those pricey legs, be able to take over should SJ not be able to play, and to give the offense another set of options. What about Edgerrin James? He's all but gone from Arizona, now proving he's still up to the task with his playoff performance. He'll be 31 next season, which is just a little too old for a feature back. With the Rams he could split carries with Steven Jackson, serving as something more than a backup but less than a starter. Armchair GM'ing, of course, doesn't account for the reality of the situation. Would James settle for a role like that? Are the both of them too much ego for one team? What would it cost the Rams; to me paying a premium for a back in that role isn't smart money. Anyway, just a thought.