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Systems Theory - what's Spagnuolo's game?

Crack the whip, yank the reins, it's Saturday morning links roundup. Yah!

First the Rams news...there's not much. But here's an interesting whisper from an "insider" about the team's look on the field next season, from Pro Football Weekly:

a longtime team insider told PFW. "Shurmur is an intriguing guy. I would expect some brand of the West Coast offense, but with more muscle. The defense will probably be patterned after the units Spagnuolo was involved with in Philadelphia and New York, with both he and Flajole coming from the (Eagles head coach) Andy Reid coaching tree. But it remains to be seen just how hands-on he will be."

The Rams have the personnel for a 4-3, but without upgrades in the middle (DT, MLB, SS) it won't matter what system they run. I can't imagine Spags running something other than the base 4-3 that made him famous. 

On offense, some type of West Coast, utilizing Steven Jackson's pass catching ability and an easy out TE play would be huge for helping Bulger get back to his expected level of play. And they've always got the deep threat with Avery. Again, without upgrades on o-line this discussion is irrelevant.

Now, for some Kurt Warner/Super Bowl links...