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Random Ramsdom, 1/30: Rams think healthy

And what would a morning news round-up be without the latest Rams coaching staff hires? Today it's Sylvester Croom, the five year Mississippi State head coach who won the 2007 SEC Coach of the Year, who's been added as the Rams running backs coach. Clearly the guy has leadership skills given his track record turning around a program loaded with sanctions and violations. Ideally, that will be the hallmark of his work with the Rams and helping Steven Jackson get back to unquestioned elite status. 

I'll let Jim Thomas from the PD list off  the rest of the hires announced today:

The club also is ready to hire Rock Gullickson as strength and conditioning coach, and Matt House to an undetermined position, according to league sources. In addition, Brendan Daly is joining Spagnuolo's staff as the Rams' new defensive line coach, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Given the damage inflicted by injuries the last two seasons, hiring a new strength and conditioning coach is probably a good move, albeit an underrated one. Gullickson was named 2007 Strength and Conditioning coach of the year, with Green Bay.

Some more links of interest to start your day:

  •  A Super Bowl edition mock draft, with the Rams taking Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry. Scouts love Curry, but I haven't read any informed opinion about whether or not he would work in the middle. Everyone does seem to mention versatility though. Is he big enough at 247 lbs to play MLB in a 4-3?
  • Vote for the Rams draft pick here. 
  • Don't forget about Ravens C Jason Brown when you're thinking about free agents. The smart money says the Raven will hit the 25-year-old with the franchise tag, but with Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs and Bart Scott also set to become free agents the resources for Brown might not be there. 
Stay tuned...