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Random Ramsdom, 1/29: more Rams personnel moves

Surprisingly enough, with the big game just a few days away, most football talk is turned over to the Cardinals and Steelers. Not even the draft can compete for a little ink right now. But, there are still a couple links for Rams fans on a Thursday morning. 

  • Another day, another batch of personnel hired. This time, the team confirms the hiring of Bruce Warwick; however, he will not be the Rams cap/contract guy as I surmised. Spagnuolo also hired Andre Curtis, from his Giants defensive staff, to join his Rams defensive staff.
  • Billy Devaney calls the addition of Pro Personnel Director Mike Williams "huge," echoing our applause for the move. Not only did the team add its first Pro Personnel Director in 8 years, they added a whole pro personnel department...and Devaney will still be involved. Score.
  • The Raiders removed the interim tag from head coach Tom Cable, which I suspect has something to do with the fact that nobody else wanted the job. Could Martz land on the other side of the Bay too?
  • Here's a Super Bowl link for you, a Kurt Warner one of course. It's an interesting fan take on the situation that led to Kurt Warner being unceremoniously swept out of St. Louis. The writer lays much of the blame on Martz and the press. I don't know about all that, but the thing that's been hard to remember in the midst of the Rams struggling and Warner soaring again, is that by all measures the guy was done. After having been sacked almost more than any QB during his tenure as Rams starting QB, Warner was injured and struggling...and into his 30s. The Rams had a young Marc Bulger who was playing well, etc., etc. you know the story from there. 
I'm out of pocket today, but have post set to go for later.