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Surprise names emerging for Rams in mock drafts

The 2009 mock drafts get more and more interesting. At one point there was almost 100% consensus that the Rams would take Alabama OT Andre Smith. No more. Recently, there's been some fanciful, egghead speculation about the Rams taking future star WR Michael Crabtree, and now more and more mock drafts are starting to predict things far outside the conventional wisdom. So who are some of the surprise picks in mock draft around the internets?

LB Aaron Curry - Curry's a beast to be sure, but he's an outside LB. Does he have the skills to move inside?

QB Matt Stafford - This would surprise a few people, huh? A position of need no doubt, but probably too much of a risk for a rebuilding team that already has big QB contract on the books. Is this really Cutler part II?

OT Jason Smith - Always considered among the best OTs in the draft, only recently as this Smith started to sneak into a few top spots. I think he'll be debated as the top OT in the draft, but I'm not sure he get picked this soon. 

I couldn't find any links, but I was starting to hear rumors of LB Rey Maualuga's stick rising into top 5 territory. He still has his critics who think he's not good enough in coverage, but we'll see.