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Is Kurt Warner Hall of Fame worthy?

Okay, it's a slow news day, I'm drafted out (for a couple hours at least), and can't stop giggling about the fact that the Rams have hired Dick Curl to help get Marc Bulger back on track. So let's get philosophical on yo' ass. Since Kurt Warner is one of the all-time Rams greats we can talk about him here. So, I ask you: Is Kurt Warner Hall of Fame worthy?

He has 182 career TDs, too far to cross the 300 mark, but not so far away that he won't finish his career in the top 25 all-time in that category. With 28, 591 career passing yards, he's already got more than a few Hall of Famers (Bradshaw and Namath) and a another good season or two ought to put him in the low-to-mid 30K range. Warner sits atop the list of career passing yards per game with 259.9, but that number is subject to change from game-to-game. His career passer rating is an impressive 93.8, but that too can change.

Lots of these numbers depend on how many years he has left. He'll be 38 when the 2009 seasons start. That's kind of magic age for QBs; Dan Marino, John Elway and Joe Montana all played their last seasons at 38. Warner might eek out a few more seasons beyond that as a backup, playing a handful of games every year until the end.

Topping the list of his HOF resume are his Super Bowl ring, three SB appearances and a Super Bowl MVP and two league MVP trophies. Another ring would give him a damn good case for Canton.

What do you think?